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Manchester Millyard

Pesto Cream Cavatappi


Cavatappi tossed in basil pesto cream sauce with garlic, shallots, roasted red peppers and mushrooms topped with Parmesan cheese and chopped parsley

Protein Add-ON:Grilled Chicken +$4Grilled Skirt Steak +$6Grilled Salmon +$5.50Grilled Shrimp +$6Ahi Tuna Blackened +$7Ahi Tuna Sesame +$7Tuna Salad +$4Waldorf Chicken Salad +$4Beyond Burger Patty +$6.50Falafel Balls +$3
Salad Add-ON:Add Avocado +$2.50Add 2 HB Egg +$2Extra Cheese +$0.50Extra Dressing +$0.50Dressing on Side Extra Crouton +$0.50Add Red Onion +$0.25Add Cucumber +$0.50Add Chickpea +$0.50Add Grape Tomato +$0.50Add Hot Peppers +$0.25Add Red Peppers +$0.50Add Cranberries +$0.50Add Olives +$0.25Add Roasted Tomatoes +$0.50Add Cheddar Cheese +$0.50Add Provolone Cheese +$0.50Add Feta Cheese +$0.50Sub Spinach +$2Add Pickled Onions +$0.75
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