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Breakfast Sandwiches - Breakfast
Manchester Millyard

Classic Breakfast Sandwich


Two Fried Eggs, American Cheese, choice of bacon, honey ham, sausage patty or turkey bacon.

Classic Bread Choice:English Muffin Plain Bagel +$1White Wrap Wheat Wrap Sundried Tomato Wrap Spinach Wrap Gluten Free Wrap +$1White Bread Multi Grain Bread Rye Bread Sourdough Bread Buttermilk Bisciut +$1Croissant +$1Onion Bagel +$1Cinnamon Raisin Bagel +$1Everything Bagel +$1Gluten Free Bread +$1.50
Meat Choice:Bacon Ham Sausage Turkey Bacon No Meat
Different Cheese?:Sub Cheddar Cheese Sub Provolone Cheese Sub Swiss Sub American
Adds:Add side House Potatoes +$2.50Add side Sweet Potato Hash +$3.50Extra Syrup +$0.50
Crispy Bacon:Crispy Bacon
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