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Half of This & Half of That - Lunch
Manchester Millyard

1/2 Chix Caesar Wrap W/ Salad


Wrap Choice:White Wrap Wheat Wrap Sundried Tomato Wrap Spinach Wrap Gluten Free Wrap +$2No Wrap Mix Of Wrap Choice
Salad Choice:Small Caesar Small Mixed Green Side Of Day
Caesar Options:No Croutons No Caesar Extra Dressing +$0.50No Parmesan No Pita
Protein Add-ON:Grilled Chicken +$4Grilled Skirt Steak +$6Grilled Salmon +$5.50Grilled Shrimp +$6Ahi Tuna Blackened +$7Ahi Tuna Sesame +$7Tuna Salad +$4Waldorf Chicken Salad +$4Beyond Burger Patty +$6.50Falafel Balls +$3
Sub Dressing:Sub Balsamic Dressing Sub Caesar Dresssing Sub Ranch Dressing Sub Thousand Island Sub Bacon Vinagrette +$0.50Sub Maple Balsamic Vinagrette +$0.50Sub Olive Oil Tapenade Sub Sweet Onion Vinaigrette
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