About Us

Located alongside the Merrimack River, the café is comfortable, informal, and the perfect place to unwind. The renovated industrial building features floor-to-ceiling windows allowing for an abundance of natural light, plus the charming warmth of exposed brick and beams.When you arrive at Waterworks Café, take a menu and peruse it at your own speed – no more craning your neck or squinting your eyes to read menu boards. You can approach the counter whenever you are ready to order; a server will deliver your breakfast, lunch or snack right to your table.Our staff understands the need for balance in a busy day – they won't rush you when you need to relax and they won't hold you up when you need to keep moving.Stop by for a cup of coffee or a full meal – and be revived by the casual, friendly setting. At Waterworks Café, it's all about YOU.